Entrepreneurship Basis - Mandatory course



ENTREPRENEURSHIP BASIS                                                                                                             Mandatory introduction to Business House Copenhagen and entrepreneurship in general

This is a short, mandatory introduction course for all users of the services in Business House Copenhagen.
Through this short course we will review the principles behind the latest and most recognized approaches to starting a business. You will also be introduced to the offers for entrepreneurs you can access through our Business House Copenhagen.

The course gives everyone who has a business idea - or a desire to be independent - inspiration, concrete knowledge and personal motivation to “convert” their business dream into a systematic action.

Practical and more formal information about startup and corporate management responsibilities are offered on the course ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRACTICE.

Many entrepreneurs have initially focused on building the perfect solution. Their business idea is often a product or service based on some assumptions about a market demand. However, lack of experience often leads to an unatainable belief that both potential and obstacles can be foreseen and planned.
Studies show that 42% of these entrepreneurs fail, simply because there is no customer base for their conceived solution. Along with other critical factors, there are too many entrepreneurs who never come to the goal!
In addition, many entrepreneurs have a preconceived opinion that formalities, registration, administrative procedures and economics are the first to be ruled out. Experience, however, gives entrepreneurs a far greater chance of success and survival if the attention is first directed to whether a given business idea will be understood and well received by a potential customer group.
The entrepreneur must get out of the building, meet potential customers, key actors and necessary resource people - experiment, listen, learn and adjust their solution and expectations.

“Love the problem, not your solution”

More than 10 years of experience has given our Business House a great knowledge of what a majority of our users are asking for and what they expect.
Over the same 10 years there has been a rapid development in both community and entrepreneurial environments worldwide. The entrepreneurial entrepreneurship offer is obviously in line with this development.

Our services are aimed primarily for the new entrepreneurs. But we can also contribute to both growth and scaling in small and medium-sized enterprises.
As a starting point, all users of the services in Business House Copenhagen must participate in this short introductory meeting. Here is a good time to present the methodological mindset behind the company's offer to entrepreneurs. At the same time, we describe what specific services can be chosen and combined.

Of course, we are still seeing a demand for more formal knowledge of, for example. business form, registration and administration as well as finance, VAT and tax.
This info is provided through our other course called Entrepreneurship Practice, where a presentation is followed by an opportunity for a short speed counseling with external specialists such as lawyer, an accountant, an A-kasse consultant, Sales and Marketing consultant, Business psychologist or a Patent and Trademark Authority.



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Jean Luc Kouassi-Zessia
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