From business idea to action


This workshop will help you take the step from business idea to action in a goal-oriented manner. You will be equipped with a toolbox enabling you to qualify your idea, test it and move it forward. After the workshop, you will be able to make a plan for the next steps in the entrepreneurial process.

What you will take home from the workshop is methods, tools and an idea of how to make an action plan.

Focus of the workshop:
  • The path from idea to action
  • Presentation of entrepreneurial tools: GrowthWheel, Business Canvas Model etc.
  • Introduction to a couple of idea development models
  • Introduction to various worksheets and analysis models
  • Your own action plan
Target group:

Entrepreneurs in search of inspiration and tools to help them work in a goal-oriented and systematic manner in developing their business idea.

You will meet:

 Lars Danscher: 

Lars has a broad knowledge of companies in the start-up phase. He has been part of several startups himself and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs develop their own businesses in Denmark. He is knowledgeable about the legal aspects of different company types and the requirements for accounting. He is focused around critical analysis of business ideas and always looking to help entrepreneurs execute with excellence.


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Frederik Kirst Müntzberg
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