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StartHere - "Start Your Own Business" !

Presentation of "START YOUR OWN BUSINESS" from 4-5.30pm
Are you in the initial phase or just started?
“Start Here” is the first info meeting where you will get the most needed information about starting a business in Copenhagen, Denmark.
During the 1 ½ hour you will be introduced to the most necessary information about starting your own business such as:
Company registration (CVR)
Company forms

Afterwards we can talk about your next step/workshop or else!

After this session you have an additional opportunity to attend the next event, which is “Speed Counseling”, please remember to sign up before 4pm.
If you already have been introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship you do not need to attend our info meeting just start with speed counseling from 4pm!
You have an opportunity for personal meetings up to 20 min. with various councilors, who will be available on this day. The meetings will be held in the meeting rooms only between you and councilors.
You will be able to meet an accountant, lawyer, specialist in sales / marketing, patent and trademark association, inventor association, DANA A-kasse (unemployment insurance), business psychologist, and our Business House consultants. From this year it will be also possible to meet som specialists from the Øresund (Malmö) region and discuss possibilities and circumstances by establishing or running business in Sweden.

Procedure for appointment for Speed counseling:
You can first book a time for Speed counseling when you show up for the event.
From approximately 3.45pm, you will find the lists of the councilors displayed on the table, where you can reserve time for one or more counseling’s.
Note that this is working on "first come, first served" basis!
We look forward to seeing you!

Business House Copenhagen


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Dragan Milic

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